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News - 2010

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Grandesign Erico Award - Milan, 25 November 2010  - More informations (
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Grandesign Etico Award

With reLight, Grado Zero Espace won the Grandesign Etico award.

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NEPHH - 1st INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP, Milan - 18 November 2010  - More informations (
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NEPHH Banner

Grado Zero Espace, in collaboration with the rest of the Consortium of the NEPHH Project (, will be in charge of organizing the Workshop that will be held in Milan on November, 18th, within the "Nano Future Expo - 3rd International Exhibition on Nanotechnologies" (

Especially focused on Nanotechnology Industry, NEPHH's Workshop will provide a multi-stakeholder forum for presenting and discussing the main outcomes in advanced research concerning the human health and safety as well as environmental issues surrounding nano-enabled products from a Life Cycle Assessment perspective, thus promoting the dialogue between science, industry and society. Industrial stakeholders will benefit from the attendance to the Workshop with an increase in their awareness of the potential risks of their workers as well as of effective measures to protect their workforce.

The program of the Workshop (planned to start at 9:30 and close at 13:15, with an open networking lunch) includes a series of oral presentations held by highly qualified invited speakers from different Nanotechnology related areas, from industry to research institutions, as well as a poster session with relevant scientific outcomes presentations. This poster session is specifically thought and planned in order to warrant the highest possibilities and opportunities of better explanations and/or deeper investigations on specific topics, on direct request of participants; in this way, the Workshop provides/becomes an instrument for the creation of an interactive exchange of ideas and information that could be of much interest of the potential participants.

  • Deadline for Abstracts submission has been preliminarily set on the 27th September;
  • emails should be sent to and ;
  • participants that could be potentially interested in joining the Workshop (either as audience or as speakers) can send a brief e-mail to the same addresses.

  • Download the program

    Magic World of Textiles, Dubrovnik, Croatia - from 3 to 6 october 2010  - More informations (
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    On 4th October 2010, at 15.00 pm, Elena Turco, chemist of Gze, speaks about:

    "Re-Thinking of NiTi Alloys for Textile Applications"

    Download the PDF

    Industrial Technologies, Brussels - 7,8 and 9 September 2010  - More informations (www.industrial-techn...)
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    Banner Industrial Technologies 2010

    Grado Zero Espace will be at the meeting "Industrial Technologies 2010".
    The meeting begins on 7th Septeber and ends on 9th September.
    Location: Brussels
    T-Pot - Face-to-face visit GZE, 28 May 2010  - More informations (
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    T-Pot banner

    Group of three Croatian T-Pot management Board members (Project coordinator Sandra Bischof Vukušić, Equipment Manager Tanja Pušić and Training Manager Edita Vujasinović), two German MB representatives (Petra Franitza and Romy Naumann) and Polish representative in MB (Malgorzata Zimniewska) have visited partnering institution Grado Zero Espace at their new premises at Montelupo, Italy.

    Leggi il PDF

    22nd IFATCC Information, Stresa, Italy - from 5 to 7 May 2010  - More informations (
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    Stresa - IFATCC

    On 7th May 2010, at 10.30 am, Elena Turco, chemist of Gze, speaks about:
    "CNTs treatments on natural fabrics: properties and possibles applications"
    Download the PDF

    Oricalco Shirt at the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago  - More informations (
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    Museum of Science and Industry di Chicago

    The first shape memory shirt, developed by Grado Zero Espace with the weaved fabric Oricalco, was inserted in the exposition at the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago.

    Bertone celebrates 75 years of working with Alfa Romeo Pandion  - More informations (
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    Alfa Romeo Pandion with Relight of Grado Zero Espace

    Bertone, one of Italy's legendary styling houses, is celebrating 75 years of collaboration with Alfa Romeo with Pandion, an aggressive yet beautiful coupe designed as a tribute to Alfa Romeo's one hundred year anniversary.

    Revealed at the 2010 Geneva International Motor Show (2 March 2010) the Pandion is an extreme and controversial sports car in typical Bertone fashion. The size of the concept car (4620 mm in length, 1971 mm wide, 1230 mm high, 2850 mm wheelbase) offers a compact sports car external dimensions with a large sports car interior feeling, all powered by a 4.7 litre, 450 CV 8-cylinder Alfa Romeo engine. [...]

    Pandion is lighted with Relight

    Sport & Design - Johannesburg, South Africa from 13 to 21 February 2010  - More informations (www.italy4sportdesig...)
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    Banner: sport and design, johannesburg

    Sport & Design:

    From 13 to 21 of February 2010
    At the Melrose Arch, The Piazza,
    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Textile Science & Economy - TZG 2010, Zagreb 22 January 2010  - More informations (
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    Banner: Textile Science & Economy

    Textile Science & Economy:

    The Conference will be held on:
    Friday 22nd of January 2010
    Beginning at 9.00 a.m.
    at the premises of
    University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology
    Prilaz baruna Filipovica 28a,
    HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    At 9:30 Elenta Turco, chemist of Gze, speaks about:
    The Future of textile and clothing: from innovation to market

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